Road Marking Potters Glass Beads Type D and Type D-HR

Potters Glass Beads are highway safety spheres of solid glass spheres, three to four times larger than standard drop-on spheres. Specialised coatings on Potters Glass Beads spheres create a tenacious bond between road marking material and the spheres. When Potters Glass Beads spheres are embedded at the required 60% level, optimum reflectivity of long life marking materials is achieved. Potters Glass Beads spheres sit higher than standard spheres in marking materials and allow light from vehicle headlights to be collected and returned to the driver, even in heavy rainfall conditions.

  • Potters Glass Beads spheres are applied using standard highway marking equipment with minor modifications to suit the larger bead size. The retro reflective quality of Potters Glass Beads sphere markings on wet or dry pavements remains superior to conventional glass bead markings over a longer period of time.
  • Potters Glass Beads spheres propensity for durability and longer life coincides with similar emphasis now being placed on binding products, to help reduce road maintenance costs.
  • PMMA (cold plastic), thick-film waterborne paints, polyester paint, thermoplastic and other new durable binding materials also have a far greater life than conventional materials

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