Road Marking Extrusion Thermoplastic Yellow

APCO Extrusion Thermoplastic is a hot-applied road marking compound for the creation of highly reflective line marking with long-term performance. Thermoplastic markings are of high quality and excel through improved durability, excellent reflection properties at night and day and in wet conditions. Moreover, thermoplastics can be used to achieve additional security features like delineation with an acoustic and rumbling effect. The predetermined slit size will result in providing a line of constant thickness and width when extruded under pressure.
Conforms to RTA 3357, AS 4049.2 & BS 3262.

  • APCO Extrusion Thermoplastic is for road & line marking of bituminous roads, highways, pavements, car parks, shopping centres, factories and warehouse lines and floors.
  • Pre-treat all concrete surfaces with a tack coat.

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