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When we enter a room, one of the first things that we notice are the walls. Therefore, when we renovate our homes, we focus on painting them first, and often forget or not worry about painting the ceiling too.

At Apco Coatings, we offer our customers the best ceiling paint available on the market. Our range of ceiling paints are easy to apply and mess free, so you don’t have to worry about it dripping down onto your floor or clothes. With its ability to quick dry, there won’t be any strong odours lingering around in your home, eliminating the need to move out for extended periods of time. Our ceiling paint products also dry with a flat finish, so your ceiling will be left with an ultra-smooth finish.

Browse through our range of ceiling paints for a smooth and flat finish.

Premium quality acrylic water based, minimal odour, high opacity ceiling paint. Low splatter formulation that dries to an ultra-flat finish.

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