Swimming Pool Paint

There’s nothing more unappealing than swimming in a pool that’s dirty or looks old. Putting some time and effort into pool painting not only increases the value of your property, but it also entices more family members and guests to take a dip into your pool. With a pool full of happy guests, you’ll be the ultimate party host with unforgettable events and memories.

Here at Apco Coatings, we offer our swimming pool paints to our customers throughout Australia. Each of our products, are safe, so there’s no added chemicals or harmful substances in your water. In no time, your pool can go from looking old and dirty, to one that’s come straight out of a catalogue. Our pool coatings are also durable, making it easier to clean and more difficult for dirt and bacteria to harbour in any cracks.

Make use of your swimming pool today by giving it a new look with our range of pool paints. Browse our products below.

This product is a very hard and durable 2 pack polyamide cured epoxy coating suitable for atmospheric and immersion conditions.

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This product is a premium quality swimming pool paint based on pure chlorinated rubber. It is quick drying and easy

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